Morning is not only my favorite part of the day for its: calm light, silence, the feeling of starting fresh, breakfast; but the morning hours are also known as my “golden hours” (as Erin Loechner of The Clementine Daily says). Because of this, I thought I would share what most of my mornings look like. Being that I get most of my work done in the morning, I try to get up as early as possible. On a good day, I get out of bed around 6:30am (but normally it’s about 7:30 or 8am) 🙂 and this is what follows: my-morning-routine-via-oh-i-design-blog1. First priority is taking my dog, Bella, out for a little walk. We live in a high-rise and a lot of people are heading to work so I try to look as put together as possible. Let’s just say, elevator rides with folks heading to work and me in my pjs is less than before I head out the door with Bella –  I wash my face, brush my teeth and really quickly tame my hair.

*My goal is to begin getting up before most people are out and about…this makes our morning walk 100% more enjoyable and relaxing. Beautiful morning light, smelling all of the fresh air and the quiet is the best.

my-morning-routine-via-oh-i-design-blog22. After returning to my apartment, I will brew some coffee or make tea. Then I sit down to check emails, social media, create a to-do list for the day or any other business-related things. After I finish my coffee/tea, I hop in the shower and get ready for any scheduled meetings, scouting local furniture/decor for a client, etc. If I am working at home for the day, I typically skip getting ready.
my-morning-routine-via-oh-i-design-blog-33. Breakfast usually consists of either eggs with spinach and a piece of toast or yogurt and granola. Sometimes I will add in strawberries or another fruit…and of course, coffee. I have been slacking in the breakfast department lately and haven’t made it a priority and then by lunch my stomach is growling and let’s be honest, drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not a wise decision.

Now I have to know – what does your morning routine look like?

 photography by jessica klein of oh, i design.


What a calm and nice routine. I wish I had a morning routine. It would make my life so muchote simple.
I would loooove to know what products you use. Powder face wash, ect.

Thank you, Aura. I will do a post on what products I use very soon 🙂 but, right off the bat I can say I use a lot of Fresh Products for my skincare.

I’ve just started working on a morning routine. I now get up at 6 to have an hour to exercise/meditate/affirm (say affirmations)/visualize and make myself breakfast and lunch to take to work. Sometimes I bake bread in the morning too. Right now the focus is just on waking up at 6, when that gets easier I think a pattern will start to form. I use to be a night owl but now I look forward to the mornings.

That’s amazing, good for you Corey! I love that you are starting your morning off with exercise/meditation/affirmations. I hope getting up at 6am gets easier for you – I am hoping for the same on my end!

Take Care!

Love this! And the photos are great Jess 🙂

Thank you so much Vanessa! 🙂 xoxo

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