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As I am sure you all know, renting a space has a lot of perks and a lot of drawbacks. One of the disadvantages being the wall situation. Most landlords will not allow you to paint; and if you are able to but plan on moving out in a year… it’s almost not worth it. After beginning a nursery design project for a renter in San Diego, I began researching alternate removable wall treatment ideas and stumbled upon Walls By Mur. Walls By Mur is an innovative company made up of the creative geniuses: Jordan, Cayleen & Kristi. They are based out of  Salt Lake City, Utah and provide ridiculously cool removable adhesive wall pattern options. Affordable and extremely prompt shipping, this company holds my creative heart.

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One of my favorite things about Walls By Mur is the endless color and pattern options you can create from their products. Or you can mimic one of their provided patterns (like the ones above). They make it so easy – all you have to do is 1. clean your surface/wall with soap and water / 2. pick a corner to start your design / 3. peel and stick / 4. use your handy-dandy squeegee to get rid of any bubbles

Click here to see the Instructional Video.

*insider tip: make sure if you plan on attempting the pattern like the one we did below, use a level to create a straight line (don’t just assume by placing them where the wall meets the ceiling that it will be straight)…the ceiling line is rarely level and you definitely want your pattern to be.

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This is my cute handyman, Cody (my fiance), working on my client’s nursery wall pattern. Thankfully he is a perfectionist so this job was just right for him. We used the large triangles in the grey, ivory, blush and saffron and duplicated the pattern 3 option. We had so much fun seeing it come to life in such a short amount of time – seriously, we thought it was going to take us hours but we were half way done with the wall in an hour! I can’t wait to show you guys the room when it’s complete!!

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There are endless opportunities to use the Walls By Mur products – go check them out for yourself! They are great to work with!! I think my next project will be to spice up our boring Ikea dresser. Oh the possibilities… enjoy! Thanks Walls By Mur for being so awesome.



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it looks like you applied them on textured walls. how did that go? have you had any issues with them peeling up or not sticking properly?

hi, I can’t find their website please . And they are the delivery to France.

I don’t know what their options are for shipping to France, but you can find out here: http://www.wallsbymur.com!

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Love this idea! Might just have to get me some 😀

Yes! Do it 🙂