Last weekend I stopped by the recently renovated (huge) H&M on Newbury St. in Boston. In addition to expanding their clothing collections by adding: kids, maternity, sportswear, lingerie, HM+,  they also introduced their H&M Home Line which is obviously the reason I was there. ;) Sure I’ve scrolled through the website, but it’s pretty hard to tell the scale and quality of the pieces from just your computer screen. I thought I would go to check things out and share some of my favorite pieces. Enjoy!
hm_bathTheir bath collection is actually pretty great. The towels are decent quality, the laundry and storage baskets are amazing (I am obsessed with the jute ones), there are a good selection of graphic candles (unscented), AND they carry linen robes! In addition, they have a lot of glass jars for storing cotton balls, q-tips, etc. and many bath mats. I am thinking this is perfect for a guest bathroom…

Shop my picks above:

1 // Hex Towel    2 // 2-Pack Guest Towels    3 // Candle     4 // Hex Bath Mat    5 // Jute Basket

hm_pillowsLet’s chat about their pillows. Okay, first of all the covers run anywhere from $5.95 to 17.95 (SO GOOD!!!) and I was very impressed by the selection! I gravitated toward the graphic pillows like the ones above, but there were so many I couldn’t decide which was my favorite. The materials range from cotton, linen, canvas to silk, velvet and faux-fur. Pillow covers are such an affordable way to add color and a new feel to a room so these would be great since they are inexpensive.

Shop the pillows above:

1 // Jacquard-Weave Pillow     2 // Cotton ‘Flour’ Pillow     3 // Linen Striped PillowetcThe other items that really stood out to me were the glass jars, candle holders, flat-woven rugs, door mats, storage baskets and nursery decor. Obviously, there are some items that to me looked cheesy or cheap, but for the most part, I was impressed! College students…are you listening?! ;)

Shop the items above:

1 // Metal Basket     2 // Cutting Board    3 // Candle Holder    4 // Tea light candles    5 // Porcelain Container    6 // Candle Holder    7 // Storage Basket   8 // Jute Storage Basket


  1. i must get to the new Boston store and see all this! i love the ‘get fresh’ towels.

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