Welcome to Oh, I Design where I invite you to join me, Jessica Klein, in my creative exploits, endeavors and discoveries. Oh, I Design is the creative outlet for myself and others to share and collaborate on all things design and lifestyle, focusing on interiors.  It is here that I store all of my inspiration, and I hope that you; my audience, friends and supporters, will be a springboard to bounce off my ideas, tips and findings that surround me in my everyday adventures.

A little background: I studied Design professionally at Oklahoma State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. After four hard years of endless nights in our Design Studio, I set off for the beautiful city of San Diego, CA with my boyfriend (now husband) and our dog, Bella. After a few unforgettable years of gaining some great relationships, beginning an interior design studio, and growing this blog – my husband received an opportunity we couldn’t pass up that relocated us to Boston, MA (where we currently reside). In Boston, I have established my Oh, I Design Studio focusing on interiors, photoshoot and event styling.

When I am not in the studio or sharing my finds with you here on the blog, you will find me with a coffee + design magazine in hand, enjoying brunch with friends, or exploring the charming city of Boston.


  1. You definitly are on your way up!!!!!! Love it all.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I came across your blog via TheEveryGirl and I love what I have read/seen so far.
    Yay! to creative wordpressers! Its inspiring to know there are young hardworking people like you in this world. Keep shining girl!

  3. How cool to stumble across an interior designer from Oklahoma! I am currently an interior design student at OU. Love your blog and style!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I stumbled upon your article in The Every Girl while looking for interior design job listings in San Diego and I was so amazed by the similarities to my girlfriend that I felt I had to leave you a note.

    My girlfriend and I just moved to San Diego a couple months ago after I got offered my dream job as an engineer with an aerospace company in the area. We both grew up in the relatively small town of Fresno, CA where agriculture is king and the majority of the population thinks interior design is something housewives do as a hobby. We both graduated from college within the last year but my girlfriend had been fortunate enough to get an internship with one of the few large commercial interior design firms in town while she was still going through the ID program at Fresno State. (Totally random coincidence I felt I had to share: She actually worked for a Herman Miller dealership so we have 4 of the armless versions of your white molded plastic chairs, complete with optional wooden legs, sitting around our kitchen table.)

    In what can only be described as an act of pure love and selflessness, she decided to pass up the full time offer they gave her for her dream job in order to move to San Diego with me with the hopes that she would be lucky enough to find a similar opportunity there. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case so far as we haven’t had much luck in our search. I had started to become very frustrated with the lack of job listings, and even more frustrated with the ridiculous 3-5 years minimum experience requirement that seems to be preventing even basic phone interviews from happening at this point. Reading your story has given me new hope though as it shows that good things clearly do come to good designers (especially persistent ones). So thank you for reminding me to be patient and not rush my girlfriend into taking a job she won’t be passionate about.

    I wish you and your fiancé the best of luck with your new life and thank you again for the inspiring story.


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