It’s so crazy that Fall is quickly approaching and the school supplies are in full force (side note: who doesn’t love school supplies?). Although it seems Summer flew by, I am excited for what Fall will bring. Cody and I didn’t get to experience Fall in Boston last year…we barely missed it by moving in mid-November…and we have heard such great things. I can picture it now: a pumpkin spice latte in hand (because duh, that’s what we all really love about Fall), strolling through the brick and cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill with the colorful leaves on the trees and the perfect light cardigan to top it all of. Ahhhh, bliss. Okay I am getting a little side tracked here.

On to the subject of dorm rooms. Can we all agree that dorm rooms are really awesome/really terrible? Awesome in the fact that this is probably your first time being away from home and going to school for something you are finally interested in…It’s such a grown up feeling! And terrible in the fact that you may not know your roommate and it may smell like feet. I was lucky in the fact that I had 3 dorm-mates – we each had our own room and then a shared living room and 2 bathrooms! It wasn’t too shabby, but I remember the carpet was not something you wanted to put your bare feet on (literally it would change the bottom of my feet black) and the fluorescent lighting was atrocious. I wanted to curate some of my current favorite pieces to spice up your dorm, should you or a loved one be on the hunt. Enjoy! Feel free to leave any dorm-related questions in the comments.9 Dorm Room Essentials via Oh, I Design Blog!

1 // fun bedding. I know what a very bland college dorm looks like and one way to add interest to the space is to bring in some patterned bedding like the one selected above!

2 // a nightstand or side table next to the bed for a glass of water to keep you hydrated and a place to set your books…because we all know you will be up late reading/studying!

3 // one way to save on some surface area is to either hang a sconce (if you are able to screw into the wall) or use a clamp lamp like the one above.

4 // a clock so you are never late to class ;)

5 // a floor mirror to make the space feel bigger than it is and to check your outfit before you take off for the day.

6 // a rolling cart for your snacks (or whatever else you need storage for)!

7 // a shelving unit + desk combo! this is one of my favorite furniture pieces for a dorm because it’s such a space-saver and the shelving is perfect for your books and other school supplies.

8 // a colorful rug. let’s get real, the flooring is not going to be ideal in your dorm room…I would cover the entire thing with a big area rug… your feet will thank you later.

9 // a comfy desk chair…we all know how crucial it is to be comfortable when you are at your desk. I love this one from West Elm.


  1. What a cute idea for a post! I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy that ikea rolling cart for my studio, although I really don’t need it. I’m also taking a second look at that cb2 desk. I mostly work in my studio, but when I work from home, I often wish I had a legit desk to sit at. My dorm room definitely did not look this cute lol!

    • Thank you, Sarah! I actually use the ikea rolling cart as a little pantry in our kitchen (we live in a small apartment so it’s perfect). It’s so versatile! Also, I completely agree…having a desk at home is really great…even though I find myself working from the dining table and sofa most of the time ;)

      I am so glad I came across your twitter acct! Looking forward to keeping up with you via your lovely blog!

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