May 24, 2016
by Jessica
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oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyI am so excited to sit down and share our recent escape to Martha’s Vineyard, our first time visiting! I have big plans to return soon, but in the meantime please enjoy this write-up about our weekend at the MV Wine Fest. I suppose I should begin by saying we were baby-free this weekend – our lovely friends stayed at our home with her and we couldn’t be more thankful for them. It was our first overnight away from Evie and while we totally missed her (and were embarrassingly looking at photos of her at dinner), it felt nice to have a night off.

I am going to attempt to keep the text to a minimum, but I want to let you in on all the details. Like how we got there, where we stayed, what we did, etc. But I will organize it so it will be an easy reference/bookmark for your future trip(s) to MV! oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyTravel. Getting to Martha’s Vineyard from Boston is super easy thanks to the quick 45-min. Steamship Authority ferry that leaves from Woods Hole, MA (1.5 hour drive from Boston). You can either bring your car on the ferry or park it in their off-site lot which is about 3 miles from the ferry destination. The ferry runs every hour and 15 min. beginning pretty early and it was only $37 round trip for both Cody and myself (you can purchase a ticket once you arrive if you don’t plan on bringing you car).  oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyStay. Once we arrived, we took an Uber to Edgartown (a short and beautiful drive) and dropped off our bags at The Sydney, a petite & stylish boutique hotel of the Lark Hotels group. The Sydney is just a few steps from many cute shops, restaurants, coffee shops, bike rentals, beaches and gorgeous Greek Revival style homes. They have a self check-in process that basically means your key will be in a cute box in front of your door upon your arrival! They give you all the details in a welcome email before you get there.oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydney oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydney

One of the many reasons I adore The Lark Hotels brand is their unique approach to embrace each inn destination, which in turn makes your entire getaway/vacation experience even better! Not only that, but the interior design details are always so thoughtful, vibrant and encompass the surroundings as well. Marla and Julie, the lovely innkeepers at The Sydney and The Christopher (just down the street that opened just days ago), are full of such positive energy and make you feel right at home! Next place to stay on our bucket list: Summercamp in Oaks Bluff on MV. Follow #onalark on instagram for photos from their different locations and guests!

oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyMV Wine Fest // Grand Tasting 

Cody and I attended the Grand Tasting Event on the lawn of the Kelley House which was just around the corner from The Sydney. I am going to need all of you wine, spirits and beer lovers to go ahead and plan on a trip to MV next year for this event. We had the opportunity to speak with a lot of the makers and it was wonderful to get to know their stories. There were so many amazing options it was hard to keep track so I decided to snap a photo of our favorites. I’m not sharing them all because…hey, I had a lot of wine by the end of the event and my photos weren’t as great. Ha! So I will share a few of the good ones. Luckily the VIP bag (thank you MV Wine Fest!!) had a cute notebook so I could write them down while they were fresh on the brain!
oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydney oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyoh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydney IMG_9819_1 oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyThings to do + see.

dinner: we had a wonderful date night at L’etoile, conveniently located on the first floor of The Sydney. I highly recommend the surf & turf – I will dream about the lobster for weeks. We also heard The Port Hunter is a great spot that we hope to try next time!

lunch: with a nice view, go to Atlantic! We LOVED this spot and everyone was so friendly.

coffee: we really wanted to go to Rosewater to get more Chilmark coffee after trying it in our breakfast basked provided by The Sydney, but I thought it was closed on Sundays…come to find out I was looking at it too early and it said closed but opens later in the morning…oops! How dreamy does it look?! It’s on the list for our next trip there.

afternoon fun: We walked around for most of Sunday looking at beautiful homes along the water, various local shops, and people watching. One of our favorite shops was Portobello Road, it was full of so many treasures. Next time we are going to rent bikes and cruise around. oh, i design blog x mvwinefest x the sydneyUntil next time, Martha’s Vineyard!

explore more of our recent travels on instagram: #ohidesigntravels

Thank you to Marnely Murray of Cooking with Books for the kind invitation to MVwinefest! You and the rest of the team did a phenomenal job! We will be back next year for sure.




May 12, 2016
by Jessica


I am going to fill you guys in on the two best things that have entered my life as of late. One of them being these sheets from Garnet Hill. These are the best sheets I’ve ever had (no I’m not being paid to say that) and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of sheets out. Some weren’t comfortable, some would wrinkle too easily and not like a nice linen wrinkle, some wouldn’t fit around my mattress (cough, target,) etc. So there are two big reasons I love these sheets. 1. they literally do not wrinkle…you have no idea how much joy that alone brings me. 2. They are SO SOFT. Sateen sheets and I just get each other. It’s like a little retreat every time I get into bed and even my husband said we need to buy like 5 more sets. I’m telling you guys, we may never buy different sheets. garnethillsheets1

Onto the other item that has entered my life that has made a big impact…enter this natural stain remover. Maybe as you were reading the above and were thinking to yourself how does she get away with white sheets and an infant? Well my friends…this stain remover is no joke. Just this week Evie has thrown up, some chocolate got on our sheets (yes, I eat chocolate in bed) and a thai food stain (because cody likes to eat dinner in bed sometimes….). So I spray this on the stain and let it stand for an hour or so then throw it in the laundry and every single thing has come out so far. It’s magic.

I apologize if I sound like the biggest sales woman today but I honestly just wanted to fill you guys in! You’re welcome ;)


May 10, 2016
by Jessica
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evie-seven-monthsWell it’s safe to say I am loving this stage of being a mama. While it comes with being more attentive on my part, seeing Evie interact with us and play is so much fun! Gone are the days when she would only sleep and eat…sleep and eat. Now it’s all about rolling around everywhere, smiling, belly laughs, big cries and playing, with a side of sleep and more eating.

A lot of people have been asking how I am juggling everything. Like managing the design business, keeping up with the blog (that’s questionable as I didn’t post all last week…ugh), and devoting time to Evie. I think the nitty gritty is for a future post, but it may look like I have it all together on instagram and snapchat (ohidesign) when I am really just getting by like every other working/stay-at-home mama. Of course, I do have some tricks that have worked for us (that might be useful to other moms & business owners working from home) but there are the good days and the ones where we just cannot win. I personally enjoy hearing how others work from home so it may be worth it…future-post worthy? You guys tell me. Processed with VSCO with b1 presetI’ve skipped documenting months 3-6 on here…oops. :) Life happens I suppose.

A few things about Evie:

\\ she is almost fully able to sit up, she still gets a little wobbly after a few minutes and will fall over.

\\ she kisses me with a big open mouth and it makes my heart SO happy.

\\ when we say Evie or Evs she looks at us!

\\ she started enjoying solid foods around 5 months and is now eating pears, apples, oatmeal, lemons, oranges, avocado.

\\ her belly laughs are the best

\\ she still loves being out and about – this girl is going to be social.

\\ she says “dadada and bob”

\\ bath time is still her favorite and she started taking swim lessons

\\ we are in the process of learning sign language