October 12, 2016
by Jessica


fall-bedding-ohidesignblog2We are beginning to bring out the chunkier throws (anyone else hate the word “chunky”?), warmer blankets and flannel sheets this week in preparation for Fall/Winter. There’s nothing I love more about New England than experiencing the Fall – you can find me in my spare time on the sofa, cuddled up with a cozy blanket, sipping coffee with a good book in hand. I wanted to share 3 tips with you when transitioning your bedding during the colder months and have styled our guest bed 2 different ways.
Guest Room via Oh, I Design Blog1. Mixing Textures – adding more texture is definitely my first recommendation. By integrating texture through various blankets, sheets and duvets/comforters/quilts, you are adding more depth and warmth to your room.  It makes the bed feel more “full” and adds a touch of softness. I love this Luxe Velvet Quilt and the Flannel Sheets from Garnet Hill!Guest Room via Oh, I Design Blog2. Layering – Layering is similar to adding texture, but by layering different textures, patterns and deep colors, you will get the full cozy look. This also includes layering more pillows. I typically have about 5 pillows on our bed – 2 for sleeping on, 2 shams and one decorative or a couple decorative.img_5953_13. Colors/Patterns – I love incorporating deeper colors for the Fall/Winter, like navy or emerald green. But to keep the transition easy, you could just layer a couple of darker tones on top of your existing bedding through an extra blanket/throw or accent pillows. I love to bring in plaid for the Fall and this Faribault Plaid Throw is my favorite way to bring in pattern.img_5955_1 fall-bedding-ohidesignblogshopping list:

one – luxe velvet quilt  // two – silk hand-loomed pillow // three – my bucket list book // four – windowpane linen everyday napkins // five – faribault plaid wool throw // six – textured mug // seven – deco handle tray // eight – flannel sheets // nine  – faribault thermal weave wool blanket

October 9, 2016
by Jessica
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img_5835_1I still cannot believe our little Evie turned ONE just a little over a week ago! We were planning on having her party at a park on a beach near our home, but unfortunately it rained all day, so we had to move the party to Cody’s office. But everything turned out great thanks to Cody’s mom and my dad that were so gracious to help us with all the party prep. We really enjoyed celebrating our little munchkin’s first year on this earth with some of our family and friends!

Her party theme was all things Fall…which included apples in baskets, buffalo check table cloths, sunflowers, tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese, mini cupcakes, and s’mores for the guests! It was so great to be able to celebrate with friends + family in town!
img_5853_1Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design Blog Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design BlogEvie’s “smash” cake and mini cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Boston – SO delicious and beautiful! Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design Blog Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design BlogOur lovely friend, Kathryn of The Everyday Co., created the beautiful flower arrangements for us after a fun trip to the flower exchange. Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design Blog Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design BlogWe had everyone sign her baby book and they got to leave with a s’more-making kit! Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design BlogA few candid shots of us because we forgot to get a really good one of all of us!Evie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design BlogEvie's First Birthday via Oh, I Design BlogA FEW THINGS:

– she LOVES waving at strangers, clapping and “dancing”

– she enjoys eating and sleeping (a lot)

– she says: mama (her favorite word right now!!), dada, hi, bella (kind of), buh-bye, wow, woah, uh-oh

– she’s crawling and is now pulling herself up on furniture to stand, but no sign of walking yet

– she likes to give lots of kisses and makes a kissing sound when I tell her to give her stuffed animal a kiss! UGH, my heart.

– her new favorite thing is to “cheese” which means she wrinkles her nose and squints her eyes with a big smile! It pretty much makes my heart explode every single time.

– she loves books, blocks and her bath toys


I could go on and on about becoming a mom. It’s absolutely had its ups and downs throughout the year, but my goodness, I love being a mom to Evie. She has taught us many things like: you can make someone’s day by just smiling at them, to have patience, and that family is so incredibly important. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the years to come…Evie, you will never know how much you mean to your dad and I, thank you for being such a joy!!

September 28, 2016
by Jessica


How I Baby-Proofed Without Compromising Style - Oh, I Design Blog!Well, here we are at almost one year (one more day!!) with a mobile little babe. Right now Evie mostly army crawls since we have wood floors and she works on crawling on on our rugs – walking is in her near future. But now that she is mobile and exploring our home more, we have decided that it’s time to do some “baby-proofing”. I do want to encourage Evie to explore her environment/our home and not be restricted from every single cabinet and drawer, however, there are a few things that are non-negotiable in my opinion. I am excited to share the changes we’ve made in our home along with some attractive kid-friendly decor pieces that we love using for Evie.

I should also mention we are not the type of parents that are nervous about every little thing because that’s just not our personalities. I mean, the amount of restaurant bathrooms we’ve had to change her on the ground (with a changing pad…but her hands don’t always stay where they are supposed to) would probably make a new parent cringe. I won’t even go into the time I had to wash Evie’s entire body in the restaurant bathroom sink…#momlife! HA! However, we do want to make sure the bigger things on our list are safe for Evie so that we don’t have to watch her every single move and she can explore without a big accident happening. A little bruise here and there doesn’t worry me, but a piece of furniture falling on her, terrifies me. So let’s get into it!

How I Baby-Proofed Without Compromising Style - Oh, I Design Blog!1.  OUTLETS.

Luckily with the help of my friends at Legrand, and their gorgeous adorne collection that you may remember I wrote about here, we have updated our outlets. I learned from the Legrand team that “All adorne outlets and GFCI outlets feature a tamper-resistant design that has a patented shutter system to prevent a child from inserting small objects into the outlet.” So the fact that our outlets are way more attractive than before AND they are baby-friendly is a game-changer! No need for those plastic covers that little ones probably figure out how to take out anyway. You can read more about Legrand’s Tamper-Resistant Receptacles here.How I Baby-Proofed Without Compromising Style - Oh, I Design Blog!2. SECURING FURNITURE TO WALL.

We have a few bookshelves and an ikea dresser we have secured to the wall using furniture straps. I am still working on actually moving my breakable decor items from said shelves, but like I mentioned above, we will accomplish things when we feel it’s needed. Our plan is to put baskets on the bottom shelves with a few of her books and toys in it so they are hidden and so that she doesn’t rip every page out of the magazines that are currently on the bottom shelves. How I Baby-Proofed Without Compromising Style - Oh, I Design Blog!3. TRAVEL CRIB + GATES.

We placed a travel crib in our living room so that if we need to put Evie down while we do something around the house, she can play without us being in the same room. We keep a small basket of toys in the crib and she loves to take everything out and put things in the basket. It’s been quite the life-changer if I have a deadline and can’t give her my full attention at the moment. But don’t worry, it’s rare she is in there alone because it unzips and we can use that space and the rug to play on together. We also purchased a couple of gates we are going to set up on either side of our home so the hallway is completely hers.img_5809_1How I Baby-Proofed Without Compromising Style - Oh, I Design Blog!


So this one was easy for us because our medicine cabinet is already high up and we only use natural cleaning supplies so I am not too concerned about this. We have magnetic cabinets in the kitchen so they are too difficult for her to open right now, but when/if the cabinets become an issue in the future, we will find a solution.How I Baby-Proofed Without Compromising Style - Oh, I Design Blog!5. ITEMS STILL ON THE LIST.

We were thinking of getting a new round coffee table and putting our existing one in the basement, but I can’t find a coffee table I love better yet. So we are going to see how it goes the more she pulls herself up on it and make a decision. It would give more room in the living room, so it’s up for debate. We want to add a runner in the hallway so it’s easier for her to crawl and play. Anything I am missing that you recommend??


September 23, 2016
by Jessica


Okay New Englanders, I have some very exciting things for you to put on your calendar for October! October 5th + 6th is the Boston Design Market at the Boston Design Center featuring keynote events, pop-up vendors, demos and workshops, panel discussions and more! It’s an exciting time to celebrate the world of design in Boston.

Although every event on the schedule sounds amazing and I will likely be at most of them, I want to highlight a couple events below.
ofnote-1-30-120everydaynapkinjan2016_0250bmpopup_sq_21. Boston Made & Friends Pop-up Market:

Boston Made was founded by my lovely friend Kathryn of The Everyday Co. and Kate + Isabel of Of Note Stationers. Last year I went to their pop-up and had a blast meeting new creative businesses and perusing all of their amazing products. At this pop-up, the following vendors will be there:

Annie Myer Studio, Craft & Caro, Gray Green Goods, Orly Khon Floral, Moss & Blue, Myrth Ceramics, Of Note Stationers, R. Murphy Knives, Salty Oat, Structure Design and Build, The Everyday Co., The Maine Blanket, The Third Piece

We have chosen each of our Boston Made & Friends vendors because of their thoughtful design and conscientious approach to the materials they use. From large scale paintings, to customized furniture, to hand-carved wooden spoons, our vendors craft quality wares that elevate daily everyday life. We can’t wait to showcase these wonderful makers!” – Kate Kellman, co-organizer of Boston Made and co-owner of Of Note Stationers who will be selling their letterpress paper goods.

When? October 5th  + 6th from 11am-4pm //  RSVP here!! :)unnamed

2. How to Turn Followers, Fans & Likes into a Successful Marketing Strategy:

Join Linda Davis of New England Fine Living magazine, Jessica Klein of Oh I Design *AHHHH!!, Stacy Kunstel of Dunes and Duchess and Homes Editor of New England Home, and Rob Murray of Farrow & Ball as we explore the art of successful social media practices and learn how to convert likes into a successful strategy to drive your business. Panel moderated by Dennis Sarlo of Dering Hall.

Yes you read that right, I will be speaking on the panel about all things social media! It would mean the world to me if you are able to attend :)

Date: Thursday, October 6th at 4pm-5pm // RSVP here!

Check out the rest of the Boston Design Market Schedule here.

September 22, 2016
by Jessica


Hi guys, just a heads up, we have teamed up with Cost Plus World Market on this post which means it is indeed, sponsored. All of the opinions shared below are, as always, my own! I want to keep everything transparent and make sure you know we only choose to work with brands we really love. OID appreciates your support!Cost Plus World Market x Oh, I Design BlogIt has been a good couple of weeks you guys (well other than a few days of being really sick…blah). A few things: my favorite season and weather have officially arrived, Bella got her teeth cleaned/pulled and she’s like a whole new doggie, I visited Portland to celebrate my friend Jenny’s birthday, we’ve hosted some of our best friends in Boston, and….COST PLUS WORLD MARKET has officially arrived in the Cape! Boom. I really can’t get over how happy I am when I’m in this store! I mean, I’ve said it before here, here and here. I even drove all the way to the Cape (okay, it’s only an hour and fifteen minutes without traffic) feeling sick to be there for the blogger party…that’s how much I love it. Anyway, I wanted to share my experience in the store, what I went home with and what’s on my wish list.
Cost Plus World Market x Oh, I Design BlogFirst of all, the Cost Plus World Market store is laid out in organized sections that include: kitchen/dining, art, home decor, food/wine and beer (well, when they get their liquor license that will be filled in), lighting holiday decor, etc. Everything is easy to locate and the store is a breeze to navigate. It’s one of those stores that once you have their layout down, you can run in and find whatever you need in a second…except you will never want to leave once you are in the doors.Cost Plus World Market x Oh, I Design BlogI had fun seeing a few blogger friends at the party: prim & propah, domestikated life, the boston fashionista, by gabriella & more! It was also great to see the furniture and unique jewelry & boho clothing I have been eyeing in real life. I was pleasantly surprised by the clothing as it’s something I would typically overlook, but some of the pieces caught my eye! Cost Plus World Market x Oh, I Design Blog Cost Plus World Market x Oh, I Design Blogworld-market-ohidesignblogMY SHOPPING BAG:

one // linen tobacco flower candle – their candles are to die for, I might be going back to stock up on more Fall candles because I’ve been burning candles every morning when I begin working.

two // gray stripe twill potholder – I went home with a few kitchen items because it’s the one thing I rarely splurge on. I have needed a new potholder like yesterday considering the only one I have has SO many stains on it.

three // marble ceramic candle – again, I LOVE THEIR CANDLES.

four // aluminum scoops – I recently organized some containers in our kitchen and am going to use these scoops for the sugar + flour containers.

five // california olive ranch olive oil – Because we ran out and Cost Plus World Market is so convenient they have everythingggg, including olive oil!

six // white ceramic baker with trivet lid – okay, kate of domestikated life and I were freaking out about these bakers…the lid turns into a trivet, genius! Inexpensive and genius!

seven // wood salt & pepper grinders – because I’ve never owned any! WHAT?!

eight // round marble and wood pedestal stand  – Evie’s FIRST birthday is in ONE WEEK! We are having an outdoor bithday party for her and are going to use these pedestal stands for food + flowers on the table.

nine // gold box wine rack – finally invested in a wine rack!