April 7, 2015
by Jessica


via domaine homeWe are SO close to Spring here in Boston! At least that’s what everyone keeps telling me ;) This winter was a rough one (it was just plain awful) and I couldn’t be more ready to open the windows, put on some good tunes and do a little Spring cleaning. Personally, I find cleaning very therapeutic…Cody sometimes finds me scrubbing the bath tub or reorganizing something at like 10 o’clock at night. It’s normally when I am really stressed… but hey, whatever works.

Here is what will be on my cleaning list this Spring:

1. Change out bedding + wash all pillows (covers and inserts) and blankets. You know those items in your home that rarely get washed – like blankets/quilts, decorative pillows, the pillows you sleep on and duvet inserts.  Make sure you read the label before throwing everything in the washing machine. Some of our throws I prefer to take to the dry cleaner but some are able to handle a delicate cycle (we have shared washing machines at our current apartment…so I am very careful with what we put in there).

2. Remove every decorative accessory/glass/book/etc. from their surface. I do this to reassess the item’s location and if I even need/want it anymore. Then I will clean all of the surfaces – let’s be honest, sometimes when I dust I just go around books ;)

3. Reorganize the kitchen cabinets. If you are like me… baking dishes, pots and pans, etc. just get stacked and placed where they fit…but at one point there was a perfect spot for every item in the kitchen. It would be nice to not have all of my mixing bowls fall out of the cabinets when I reach for the item behind them. (I hope there are some of you out there that are nodding your heads and I am not the only one).

4. Go through my closet and remove anything that is damaged, doesn’t fit or needs to be altered. Most of my winter sweaters/coats are also pilling so I need to de-pill all of them before they get stowed away. Ps…I am still working on a solid four season wardrobe. It’s a slow process my friends. It was much easier to build a closet in San Diego. :) Goodness, I miss that place.

5.  Get our rugs/sofa professionally cleaned. We regularly vacuum, but it’s about time they could use a nice professionally cleaning… looking for a company in Boston if anyone has a recommendation!

Here are a few of my favorite cleaning supplies:

spring-cleaning-via-ohidesignblog1 / microfiber towels – the best for windows/mirrors  2 / method almond squirt + mop wood floor cleaner – i love this for a quick floor cleaning  3 / libman green mop  4 / evercare gentle fabric shaver – for those darn pilling sweaters & coats  5 / the laundress stain solution  6 / meyers dish soap  7 / honest multi-surface cleaner  8 / honest bathroom cleaner  9 /  caddy for cleaning supplies

What’s on your Spring Cleaning List this year??

April 6, 2015
by Jessica


the boston globeI am very excited to announce one of my recent design projects was featured in an article in The Boston Globe today! I will definitely share more photos and details of the project in a longer post to follow, but for now here are a couple from the article!
designed by jessica klein // photo by Joyelle West designed by jessica klein // photo by Joyelle West The article was written by Jaci Conry and the photos were taken by Joyelle West.

March 18, 2015
by Jessica


via instagram @ohidesignblogHello, hello friends! Man, I hate that it has been so quiet on the blog lately. I am at that point where an intern would make a huge difference, but I am still not sure if I am ready to hire. Ah, the challenges of working for yourself. With the increase in client work and a few life changes (more on that later), it’s been a crazy winter to say the least. I appreciate you all hanging in there! :) I wanted to update you all on a couple of things:

1. I recently had a design project shot by the amazing Joyelle West and I will be able to share the photos very soon! There are a few photos I snagged with my phone in this post.

2. Remember when we put an offer on a house?! Well, they accepted another offer and we were super bummed. Like on the verge of giving up. So after another week of searching, we found another place (a better place actually) and placed an offer on it literally hours after looking at it…and they ACCEPTED!!!! I am so overwhelmed with the anxiety of this huge life change and purchase but also very excited to call this place home! We are now about to go through all of the ugly stuff … the underwriting, inspection, etc. to make sure it’s actually good to go. So fingers crossed everything else goes well! We won’t close on the home until July so we have a bit of time to prepare and get everything ready – but I will share some photos soon. Cody and I are ready to make this our last move for awhile!
via instagram @ohidesignblog via instagram @ohidesignblogHope you all have a great week!