August 19, 2016
by Jessica


Since I left my studio, I’ve had to readjust to working from home and now – working while raising a little one. I am not only learning to work more efficiently on client work but also on house work. It’s definitely been a trial-and-error phase to see what works and what doesn’t. But I am realizing I am my most productive from 7am – 12pm so I try to schedule design work and emails for this time that way I leave time for meetings in the afternoon or evening. Evie takes a morning nap from around 8am-10am and then another at 1pm-3pm (ish) so I also have to work around those times. It’s been challenging but I have noticed by making a few changes around the house, it’s been a lot easier to be productive during the day.

Oh, I Design Interiors

interior design by oh, i design interiors // photographed by joyelle west

ONE: Hire help for at least one thing around the house that will save you time – whether it’s a dog walker, a nanny/babysitter, house cleaner, ordering your groceries online + getting them delivered, someone to do laundry, etc. Whatever that may be, make it the one thing that you dislike the most…hire someone to help you.

Our system: We have a professional from handy deep clean our home every 3 weeks (I do smaller chores throughout the week) and have recently been using the bObi Pet, a robotic vacuum and mop that has become quite the hit at our house (especially with Bella). Now, I need to take a moment to let you in on how amazing this product is – our new bObi Pet not only inspired this post (thanks to the kind folks at bObi Sweep for choosing to collaborate with us), but it has been unexpectedly life-changing.

bobi pet via oh, i design blog

ignore our hideous cable cord…working on that.

If you are like me, you can’t get any work done if you see crumbs on the ground two feet from you or dishes piling up in the sink. Well, the bObi Pet has been the solution to that problem, minus the dishes. I don’t even have to think about getting out our swiffer everyday, it just does its thing. We are still getting to know this new addition to our family and she (apparently she is a girl) is getting to know our home. It’s really exciting to watch her go around the house knowing the floors are going to be so clean after she makes her way around. unnamed-2_2

I think one of my favorite features is this thing is like a 5-in-1 machine! She sweeps, vacuums, mops, kills bacteria with UV, and purifies the air with the HEPA air filtration (no big deal). My other favorite feature is you can set it up to clean at a certain time, so in the morning if you want bObi to clean while you are making breakfast, then set it for that time. Bella and Evie really enjoy following her around the house, it’s really entertaining! The only downside I’ve seen so far is that she is strong enough to push lightweight furniture, but that’s not a big deal.

oh i design interiors

interior design by oh, i design interiors // photographed by joyelle west

TWO: Clean your work area and clean up the kitchen before you go to bed. Guys, this is HUGE. Cody and I do our best to clean up the kitchen before going to bed and I notice a big difference in my productivity in the morning when I go to make coffee and our kitchen is clean.

THREE: Find a system that works for you. I have been using Evernote for the past 2 years and absolutely love it. So much so that I pay for the premium option every year for my business. I can’t remember if I have shared my love for Evernote on the blog or not, but it’s been the best organizational tool for me. If you are like me you tend to remember something randomly and need somewhere to write (ehhh, type?) it down, and I always have my phone so I can easily access Evernote and it will sync with my computer and ipad. I share “notebooks” with my intern and can create to-do lists that she can actually check-off so I can see what has been accomplished. It’s so easy to share photos, ideas, URLs to sites I want to refer back to, etc. Anyway, all of this to say (and no I am not being paid for this), find a system that works best for you when it comes to organizing your work. I have also found that if I put my phone on airplane mode, I can really focus on certain projects.

oh i design interiors

interior design by oh, i design interiors // photographed by joyelle west

FOUR: Act like you are leaving the house. This is proven to work…. by me. The days I get up and get ready like I am leaving to go to work, I am about 60% more productive. Haha I don’t know if it’s 60% but I felt like I needed to give a percentage to sound more legitimate. Anyway, get up, brush your teeth, fix your hair and put on a little makeup (or not, men that read this blog). I promise, it works.

FIVE: Take breaks and stock up on healthy snacks + drinks. When I take a break, it includes playing with Evie, feeding her, taking Bella out, making lunch or dinner and they are nice breathers in between working. These help fuel those moments when I need to put my head down and really work.

Also, for your entertainment, I cut Bella’s hair and laid it out to show you how great this bObi pet is…

This post was inspired by my new bObi Pet that was gifted to me by the bObsweep team, thank you as always for supporting brands that I support. Opinions are my own! 

August 17, 2016
by Jessica


How to Choose the Right White via Oh, I Design Blog

Photography by Tessa Neustandt, Interior Design by Emily Henderson

Hi guys – I am really excited for this post today because I am handing over the microphone to Sophie Macaulay of CertaPro Painters (South Shore + Boston). I wrote a post a few months back about my go-to white paint colors, but I wanted to take it a step further and get a professional to give you more tips for selecting the right white.

Alright, Sophie, take it away…

When Jessica mentioned that one of her most FAQs is “How do I choose the right white?” I thought I’d weigh in. Because white is “on trend”, many of our customers at CertaPro Painters have been asking us the same question, and it’s really a lot simpler than it seems. When chosen successfully, white paint can completely transform an interior space. This seems easy enough – it’s just white, right? – but there are a few tips that will help you pick a white that doesn’t leave you feeling cold.

Whites can have different undertones and reflect light in distinct ways. Because of this, there are three main things to consider when choosing your white:

one. The mood and purpose of the space (“sleek kitchen” vs. “cozy den”)

two. The elements of the space itself (furnishings, floor coverings, etc.

three. The amount of natural light in the space

How to Choose the Right White via Oh, I Design Blog

Photography by New Darlings via a Beautiful Mess

First, think about the mood you want your room to have. Do you want it to be warm and comforting? If so, go for a warmer white – one with undertones of red or orange – for a homey, relaxing feel. This works well for spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. Large rooms such as kitchens, might enjoy a cooler white. Whites with undertones of blue or green are energizing. White can also offer a feeling of openness to a cramped space.

How to Choose the Right White via Oh, I Design Blog

Photography by Claire Esparros via Oracle Fox

Next consider your style; traditional decor looks best with a warmer white and modern or sleek spaces are best complimented by cooler shades. In addition, consider the other colors, materials and furniture in the room. White reflects other colors, so keep this in mind when looking out for undertones. Choose shades that compliment the other elements of the space.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is essential to consider all light sources in the space. For example, if you have a lot of natural light in a room, stay away from a stark white – it will look too glaring. If though there is  a lot of yellow-toned artificial light, you can consider a crisper white so the room doesn’t turn orange. If you are dealing with fluorescent lighting, which tends to be harsh, you’ll need a warmer white, or else the space will feel like a hospital room.

So now that you have narrowed down your choices, what’s next? Consider your white paint choices during various times of the day. White will look completely different at 10am than it does at 10pm. Our painters usually paint large swatches of paint on the wall so our clients can live with the color for a couple of days, but you can do the same thing using large poster boards painted in your various choices of white. Another tips is to gather 10 of the small color chips you can get for free at the paint store and tape them together to form a larger paint chip. This will give you a large color sample at no cost and little effort. Consider the white at different times of the day from different spots in the room. How does this white “feel” to you? You’ll be able to eliminate some obvious ones instantly, and narrow it down to just a couple possibilities. Feel free to play around with our Color Helper online by uploading a photo of your room and “painting” the room different whites.

Once you have chosen your white, keep a sample of it in your bag or car. That way, you’ll have the exact color with you for that quick trip to Homegoods or a yard sale find. White the right white depends on the style, purpose and light of the room, it most strongly depends on how it feels to you in your space.

Written by: Sophie Macaulay

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Thank you for the helpful tips when choosing a white paint color! I have updated my favorite white paints and added a few of CertaPro’s favorites. white-paint-colors-via-ohidesignblog

July 7, 2016
by Jessica


Adorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design BlogIn our new home (#ohidesignhome) we are focusing on small but mighty design decisions. I hear you…What does that mean exactly? Well, since we live in a fairly small home that is not the “open concept” everyone on House Hunters obsesses over, we want to make those smaller details more impactful. For instance, placing an emphasis on those smaller details like hardware in the kitchen or making all of our lighting unique. Those small but mighty pieces in the overall design are the finishing touches that make a room come together.

The adorne collection by Legrand has transformed the everyday basic light switch and outlet, incorporating your personal style with an array of colors, finishes and leading technology.

Typically I would photoshop the outlet out of the photo because they are such eyesores and sometimes right in the middle of the wall, but this gorgeous brushed brass outlet cover can be in my photo any day! Don’t you agree?
Adorne Collection from Legrand - Oh, I Design BlogSo in the living room we decided to go with the brushed brass two-gang wall plate with a touch wifi ready dimmer for the main light and a softap switch and the rest were regular outlets with a USB by the sofa.Adorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design BlogAdorne Collection from Legrand - Oh, I Design BlogAdorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design BlogCody was so excited about this project because he not only enjoys the clean and fresh look of the wall plates, but he also loves the techy part of selecting how the switches will work and where we will place each one. Form follows Function, always. Together, using the extremely helpful Legrand Room Planner, we planned each outlet and switch then got to get creative with the wall plate options. So there was no frantic trip to the store because we didn’t count the amount of outlets correctly.
IMG_5353_1So we have some kitchen upgrades happening in the (hopefully) near future, so picture these against a beautiful clean white backsplash that goes to the ceiling and butcher block countertops. Ahhh, I can’t wait for that day.

Pictured above: We have the touch dimmer set up for our can lights and the softap switch for our main light. To the left of that is where we charge our phones so we installed two USBs and a whisper switch for the disposal. Adorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design Blog Adorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design Blog Adorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design BlogNow that we have everything in place, our little Evie is getting to the age that I need to baby proof (that’s another story for another day), and I wish we would’ve put these push pop-out outlets everywhere near the ground. They are such a nice alternative to the other kid-friendly plug covers. Might have to do a little rearranging soon…but you didn’t read that, Cody. ;)

*On that note: my handy husband was the one who installed all of these but we do recommend getting a professional electrician because they can be tricky and if you don’t have experience with electrical work, I wouldn’t suggest attempting it. Adorne Collection from Legrand on Oh, I Design BlogOne of my favorite features of the adorne collection that we did not take advantage of at this time, is the custom wall plate, where you can match your paint color or add your choice of wallpaper. How amazing is that?! This would be a great solution in a wallpapered powder bath so the outlets and switches blend in with the wallpaper and don’t take away from the overall design.

I would love to know those small but mighty design details that you want to focus on in your home!

this post was written in partnership with legrand and as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting brands that support oh, i design!

July 6, 2016
by Jessica


I personally love white spaces that are clean and thoughtfully designed. Lunya’s office is not only that, but the design also leaves room for creativity and lets their products speak for themselves. Lunya, founded by Ashley Merrill, is a fresh and modern take on sleepwear. I don’t know about you, but I am a big t-shirt kind of gal when it comes to sleepwear…nothing attractive about what I wear to sleep. That being said, when I perused Lunya’s site, I instantly fell in love with their take on the big t-shirt and made it more modern and attractive. I mean we do spend a third of our lives sleeping…maybe we should wear something that not only is comfortable and stylish but also makes you feel confident? A few of my favorite Lunya pieces: 1 / 2 / 3

Now on to their gorgeous office…Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design BlogLunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design BlogThe custom copper clothes racks created by Ashley Merrill’s dad are GORGEOUS! Dear Ashley’s dad, I will take two ceiling mounted ones please!Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design BlogDI2A6605 Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blog Lunya's Office Space via Oh, I Design Blogphotos by: sam sing of lunyaLunya's Office - Get the Look via Oh, I Design BlogGet the Look:

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight