February 8, 2016
by Jessica


Photo by Jessica Klein // Oh, I Design // Lark Hotels * The Hotel PortsmouthI am sure a few of you are like me and stopped in their tracks when you realized it was almost the middle of February. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were making New Year goals?! I don’t know if it’s this new lifestyle of transitioning back into work + motherhood, but time sure is flying and it’s making me realize that I need a morning to sit down and just empty all of my thoughts/ideas/to-do’s/etc. in my notebook. Like a serious brain dump. I know I haven’t posted that much this year, and I have so many things I want to do on this piece of the internet. I will say, figuring out a schedule for little Evie has been one of the things I’ve struggled with the most thus far and I’m working hard behind the scenes to make it happen. For my clients and for my sanity ;)

This weekend I headed to Portsmouth, NH for a little blogger getaway at The Hotel Portsmouth that included many oysters, the best breakfast of my life, yummy drinks, making new friends + reacquainting with old ones, shopping, and ice skating. It was a much-needed trip to fuel some inspiration and get me motivated to create more content here. But not just more, better.

So here I am…just saying hello and how excited I am to start this week freshly showered and coffee in hand…let’s do this February…what’s left of you anyway.

If you want to see some behind the scenes photos from this weekend in Portsmouth, click here to go to my instagram. I will have a more in-depth post for you tomorrow!

Also, Go Broncos! ;)

February 1, 2016
by Jessica


heartstagram via framebridgeone: a heartstagram from framebridge // my husband (cody) received his v-day gift early this year with this sweet photo of Evie holding his finger. I love how you can select your own frame and personalize a note with the frame! This would make the perfect gift for so many loved ones. Use the code OHIDESIGNBLOGFYF for 10% off your order!Website_Vday_Follain4two: the everyday napkin’s handkerchief & follain lip balm kit // so as you may know, my old studiomate (Kathryn) has an amazing brand called the everyday napkin & they launched the pre-sale for these awesome custom handkerchief pairings! I am obsessed with this gift because not only are you supporting small businesses, but they are handmade and personalized.
il_570xN.533153761_p4qxthree: handwritten bracelet // there is nothing more personalized than your own handwriting made into a piece of jewelry for your loved one to wear. I have been wanting to do this! forever throwfour: The Michael Forever Blanket (Swell Forever)// there is nothing more special than a thoughtful message on a keepsake blanket. It keeps you warm and knowing your loved one customized it is even more special!cotton-kimono-robe-cfive: cotton kimono robe from mark & graham // I love anything monogrammed! Robes are a spa day necessity, pair this with some bubble bath and a candle and voila! The best gift for your love that needs some R&R.

January 18, 2016
by Jessica
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coffee bar at homeI have been brainstorming ideas on how to revamp my coffee station at home because santa brought me a Nespresso machine for Christmas! A latte or cappuccino is something I look forward to every day since I’ve been working from home and taking care of Evie. I guess it’s a given that I’ve needed the extra boost of caffeine lately. ;)
coffee bar at home coffee-bar-via-ohidesignblogTo create a bar set-up for coffee (or tea) is to gather all of the items you need in one area…that way you aren’t going from one side of the kitchen to the other just to make a cup of coffee. For instance, if you use a french press, put it on display with some stacked coffee mugs on a tray along with anything you might add to your coffee so it’s all ready to go. If you don’t have counter space, you can use a bar cart!

items in my coffee bar:

one // coffee container

two // nespresso machine + pods from here

three // barrington coffee for our french press

four // cream + sugar container

five // wooden coffee scoop

six // espresso cups

seven // marble tray

eight // coffee mugs

photo 1 // photo 2

January 14, 2016
by Jessica


//This morning I woke up around 7:30am and took my dog (Bella) on a walk, fed Evie, showered + got ready for the day. What felt like was going to be a very productive day, quickly turned to my bed and netflix. I have no idea how this happened and I was having a hard time finding motivation. Do you ever have those days where your to-do list is so all over the place that you aren’t sure where to begin? I had design work but also needed to clean up my computer files + organize photos, send some thank-you notes, the list goes on. It was too much for one person to complete in a day, especially with a little one. So instead, I procrastinated. What procrastination looks like for me: watching netflix in bed, snuggling with Evie & Bella, refilling my coffee, looking at blogs, scrolling down pinterest…all while my emails just stared at me. Then an hour or so later…the guilt set in.

So here is a trick I tried to get motivated.

I can’t remember what book I recently read that taught me this trick…but hopefully I will figure it out so I can share it. Anyway, all you need is a task that you can complete in less than 5 minutes…for example: cleaning the toilet. Weird example, I know, but the book used this example and I believe it works. Go clean your toilet from top to bottom, I’m talking…every little inch of that thing better be sparkling clean. When you are done (only 3 minutes or so have gone by right?)…you will have a sense of completion. There’s something about completing a simple task from beginning to end that makes you want to move on to the next. That’s why they say to make your bed every morning.

Instead of cleaning the toilet (which actually needs to be done), I decided to go a little bigger… I decided to clear my closet of anything I am not wearing right now in my life. I had a keep pile, donation pile, storage pile and a mending/repair pile. All in all, it took me about an hour. But man, my closet and mind feel 100% clear. I can actually wear anything in my closet right now. Isn’t this called a wardrobe capsule or something? Haha. ;) Anyway, what was remarkable about finishing this task is I was ready to kick some butt on my to-do list!

So here I am, at 5pm and have completed a few daunting items on my list and have coffee in hand for the next items. I feel Refreshed. Motivated. 

photo source.

January 13, 2016
by Jessica


// // //Did you know January is the best month to purchase new bedding and bath linens? Retailers still go by the marketing strategy “the white sale” at the beginning of the year.

Here are a few of my favorite brands + their bedding promotions:

west elm: up to 30% off bedding + bath

coyuchi: they don’t have a current promotion on bedding, but they have some great items on sale.

wayfair: bedding and bath sale

serena & lily: 20% bedding + bath

pottery barn: buy more save more (up to 25% off)

cb2: a lot of free shipping items

one kings lane: create a serene bedroom

target: $25 off when you spend $100

hayneedle: up to 60% off

photo sources: bedroom 1 / bedroom 2 / bedroom 3